It is about half a year since I left Windows behind. This OS is the worst thing Microsoft ever created. Since ever. It has always been behind… but this post is not about W$. Expectations Half a year ago I decided to switch to Mac. I wanted badly to do it even sooner, but i was not sure about .NET Core, I was waiting for Project Rider to be ready… so of course I am not using Project Rider ūüôā As a huge fan of…Continue Reading “.NET Developer without Windows”

It is probably the right time to introduce ngrx. Why complicate classic angular mvvm? 1. redux Yes, yes – redux not Redux. Redux is an implementation of redux pattern made especially for React. This pattern inherits from flux pattern. Do you know MVVM? Two way model binding? Forget it. ¬†Above you can see simple flow of flux. Data binding is only one way. The Action is being dispatched by the Dispatcher, changed data is being published to the Store and from store it is being…Continue Reading “ngrx: The marriage of Angular and redux – theoretical part”

Last weekend I was about¬†to finish the post addition feature. Of course – I failed. Jenkins in docker w/ docker in docker and docker on the top Apparently there is no public image of the jenkins with support of the¬†new angular cli (angular-cli migrated to @angular/cli package) – for the old one there was none as well – not to mention dotnet core. I have put a lot of effort to run the Jenkins container with the Docker support – here is the dockerception, but…Continue Reading “Jenkins in Docker”

Do you remember promises? Observable is more than a promise. In the world of redux… I do not want this post to be @ngrx description, but if you want to use @ngrx you have to know something about RxJS and its observables. What is an observable? In a short words – data steam. Some data you have, or will have, it is nice to think you will someday have it… in one word it is¬†asynchronous. Subscribe operator The most important¬†in our case. As the name…Continue Reading “RxJS Observable”

The Bible says we should start from the domain. At least mine does… As you can see it is only a sketch. It is missing a lot – actions and some entities – but we should experiment! This little scheme is enough to make some prototype. And prototyping is always good! You can from the very beginning start to verify your, sometimes less smart, ideas and – which for me at this point is the most important – learn some new things in practice. As…Continue Reading “The Beginning”

Well… here I am. It’s my¬†“Hello world!”. This post would’t exist if not¬†devstyle, even more – this whole blog would not exist. But I’ve recently started working on some small project (now it’ll have to grow up a bit) – it was supposed to be blog engine, only for training purposes – still for training – but also for this little contest – I will make it a little bit more – a ‘chan’ maybe? The domain core is still under construction… Chapter one: The…Continue Reading “Get noticed”